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Many students find it hard to write a definition essay because they either lack experience or don't know where to start. In fact, there are a few useful tips that will help you write a well-structured and professionally written definition essay. Here are some of them:

Choose the object for your definition essay

It is important not to describe anything that has a widely known definition accepted by the majority of people. For example, if you choose a dog as an object for your definition essay, you will definitely not have much to say, because everyone knows exactly what a dog is. Your essay should deal with something more abstract as such objects can be easily defined by means of your experience and knowledge. In this regard, such topics as feminism or loyalty can be used in your definition essay without a second thought.

What structure to follow?

The definition essay should consist of three basic parts, namely, introduction, three body paragraphs and conclusion. It is important to ensure that your essay is well-structured and follows a strict order.


In the introductory part, you need to give a definition of the chosen concept and probably mention some eye-catching fact about the given notion. After that, you can provide a contradictory concept that can be contrasted against the issue under discussion. Besides you need to provide your own definition of the chosen notion.

Body part

As for the main body, it should contain several different points that are related to your own interpretation of the given concept. You may also include some background information, although it is not compulsory. Every point mentioned in your essay should have a separate paragraph. The main points included in your essay should be related to different aspects of the given term. This will ensure that you cover the topic to full extent without missing any valuable information.


As for the conclusion, it generally represents a brief overview of the main points discussed in your essay. Besides, it should also contain your ideas on how the definition of certain notion has changed your life or somehow influenced your perception of the world. In case you have mentioned some eye-grabbing facts at the beginning of your definition paper, you can mention them once again at the very end in order to make a powerful impression on your readers. These facts can be neatly and accurately tied together. This will help you to produce a well-structured definition essay without any difficulty.


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