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  The college  has been Accreditated  for a further period of five years with a CGPA of 2.61 on a  four point scale at B Grade valid  from 31/12/2009.  
"To be a premier college for women in the country by achieving highest order of excellence in teaching and research with social justice and to meet the expectations of the society in empowering women."
To impart quality education that meets the needs of present and emerging society.
To strive for students’ achievement and success, preparing them for life and leadership.
To  provide a scholarly and responsive learning environment that promotes  the professional and personal growth of the students and staff.
To participate in the advancement of the knowledge.
To have a beneficial relationship with the employees, alumni and the society.
To create the best and responsible students.
To evince greater concern regarding the health of the girl Students.
To develop scientific and logical temperament
To prepare the students for the changing educational scenario.
Equipping the students with latest developments in the field of Politics, Society and Economics and thus enabling them to be responsible.
To provide greater importance to Womens' studies.
To provide skillful trained HR at various levels.
To create an atmosphere which contributes to the overall development of the students.
To provide greater support and convenience to the girls belonging to the weaker sections of thesociety.
To create an awareness of secularism and implementation of the same in the day to day life.
To provide support to the latent talents. To utilize UGC and other important programmes.
To provide career guidance and personal guidance to the students.